Friday, September 19, 2014


  Cute is the code for Tuesdays in my two-year-old daughter´s wardrobe. I made a rough plan for each day of the week, and what the days are all about. So Tuesday is a day to be cute. And now in the fall time it goes like this:

Country style-ish. For some reason I have been fascinated by it lately. Why not sooner?! This vest dress is a classic and cute little girls´ garment. The ruffle in the hem adds to the cuteness furthermore, so a solid colored fabric was enough for this look. The shirt, with it´s cropped sleeves, keeps my girl warm enough for fall weather. The sleeves are about 2/3 length, just right for dodging the soup bowl or being soaked when washing hands.

The fabric is a leftover piece from my summer pants, and I "faked" it to look like denim. In reality, it is men´s collar shirt fabric.

Using orange stitches was the key to "faking" it, to make it look more denim like. I felt like the stitches needed a buddy in the same color, and the dress a focal point, so I added some matching buttons. Had this outfit gone for an older girl, I would have omitted the buttons and added a nice necklace. But you can only expect so much from a two-year-old.  =)

Hem edge got a nice row of detail. The white lace brightens it up well.

The shirt fabric is so well draping, that it makes the garment look a bit sad in this picture. But in reality, when being worn that is, it is really comfortable and soft. The fabric is nice and warm, so it enabled the 2/3 length sleeves for these cooling Mabon days.

This is a ridiculously easy pattern to make! I love it. =)

Thursday, September 18, 2014


  What´s Mabon?

  To me paganism is all about wisdom and freedom. It shows wisdom to think outside the box (I mean the religion to which we were born and raised with), and then freedom of choice. We can either choose an already existing religion to follow, or "free fall" creating our own perspective on existence.

  I free fall. I ran into wiccanism fifteen years ago, and immediately adopted the wheel-of-the-year as my guide through times to come.

  To me Mabon marks mid fall, the equinox. There is equally light and dark time in a day, and from then on more dark than light. We are entering the dark half of the year.
  This year the fall equinox is next Tuesday (always September 22nd or 23rd), and it points the highlight of this season. I divide each sabbat into approx. six week periods, starting about two weeks prior to the actual date. I tune in with each sabbat for those full six weeks, and then move on to the next. By doing so my life has turned into a virtually continuous celebration of the wonders of nature. Not bad!

  Mabon is both joyful and sad time. Joyful because the first half of Mabon we still get to enjoy occasional warm summer-like days, and sad because the other half always is cold and ever darker. Leaves fall from trees and all green dies. We see less and less of the sun, and I get tired and want to start hibernating. =) There´s only little energy left.

  That´s the nature of nature, ever changing, ever evolving. And that´s the way it needs to be. No matter how sad I feel letting go of the warmth and light of summer, it would not feel so sweet if there was no cold and dark season in between.

Now it is time to enjoy the last bits of summery days and sunshine. Take it all in before it´s gone for a good amount of months! And to remember that life is always worth celebrating!

Thursday, September 11, 2014


  Yay, I have completed my Lammas garderobe!

#1: Linen & peach.

#2: Ragdoll.

This year I made a new necklace to the outfit. The wooden thread spools, of which I was looking for last year, finally reappeared in the craft store, and I was able to execute my initial plan.

#3: Mary had a little lamb.

The earrings are self-made aromatherapy ones.
#4: The nude hippie.

#5: Animal print dress.

Another pair of my aromatherapy earrings.
  Now seeing all the looks here one next to the other, I am pleased with the versatility. The overall feeling of the whole collection remains warm, natural, and calm. Just the way I like my Lammas to be. Happy!

Monday, September 8, 2014


  This is an update to my already existing outfit. What´s new is the top, which is a bit warmer than the original one, and a bit more colorful. As my Lammas Collection has taken form, I noticed there is quite a lot of beige in it, so adding a touch of color was a good idea. The original top will still be stored and worn annually, but now I have a choice in case of a cool day.

Peach is a color only suitable for Lammas. It is so warm and delicate, and resembles the dry fading hays in nature.
The pants are made of linen-like fabric, but they do not wrinkle like real linen does. The fabric was a good find back then, years ago. And since I only wear each of my fashion collections for approx. six weeks a year, the garments stay well for ages. These pants are a living proof, and I´m still happy to wear them. Combining a peachy top with the brown bottom livens up the look, and adds variety to the nude-toned Lammas collection altogether. Big baggy pants combined with a snug top simply looks good as a silhouette, always.

Jewelry pops right out, and brightens up the area around the face. True to my style, I kept the colors subtle and natural also in makeup.

The shirt fabric is synthetic something, but it breathes well and feels warm to the skin. Not all days of Lammas are exhaustingly hot, so I need to be prepared for slight chills too, especially towards the end of the season.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


  Animal print is a newcomer in my interests. Never until now have I thought it was for me, or for everyday wear. But when I saw this fabric in the shop earlier this summer, I just knew I had to include it in my Lammas collection somehow. Here´s how:

Tiger print is more interesting, and less seen, as the usual leopard, and it is also lighter colored. Two reasons I fell for the fabric. Plus it drapes beautifully and is cool in hot weather. But making the look casual enough for everyday wear was tricky. I did it by choosing a loose and simple pattern for the silhouette, and kept accessories in control. At my work I may meet people from all social classes, from the homeless to the president, all in one day. That sets an impossible challenge for a girl to dress properly to the occasion. So I just go with whatever I like, since I´m dressed wrong no matter.  =)
Ahh, I love these late summer/early fall warm days! I felt like a cat on a hot tin roof (quite literally in fact =).

Golden accessories are a must. The belt is important for creating, or showing, the feminine waistline, which is the key to all of my looks. That´s what separates us women from men, regardless of weight. I mean, men can even have boobs, but not a waist like us women. Let´s celebrate our femininity by showing it off!

Another important key to keeping the look casual is wearing minimal makeup. This classy lady does not look like she´s off hunting for men, does she? (And I´m not yet in cougar age either, so no worries there  =). My aromatherapy earrings here add to the exotic and oriental feeling, and if ylang ylang essential oil was used, the outcome would be quite tempting...
  Animal print goes well during Lammas because now the weather is at it´s warmest, and closest to the natural habitat of tigers and leopards and the kind. At first I was tempted to add a touch of safari style too, but found it too masculine after all. I feel very feminine in this outfit, and in a different and new kind of way. I´m so glad life is for learning and evolving, at all ages!

Thursday, September 4, 2014


  A little provocative title, but I do mean nude. In a beige kind of way. Nude beige in fashion and clothing.  I´m not hippie enough to run around butt-naked!  =)

The nude hippie wants summer to go on forever. She is sunkissed and wears muted beige to complement the overall plain color palette on her. Only little and natural makeup, and earth-toned jewelry. Light blue pants give a spark of color to the look, preventing it from appearing dull. I chose lightweight fabrics with synthetic fiber in them, so they would breath better and keep from creasing during hot weather.

Pigtails bring a touch of everlasting Indian summer. The bracelet I got as a gift years ago.

Seems unreal, but I bought this necklace 21 years ago in my teens! Here you can see the shirt in detail.
Now is the time to chill, relax, and enjoy summer in it´s still state, when all the work is done. A calmness fills my mind in Lammas.
  Beauty can be achieved by doing very little. This nude hippie is definitely not trying too hard, and still oozes self confidence and style.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


  A couple of weeks ago I bought a few cans of mild cider at a grocery store, and the cashier lady asked me for id. Me! You need to be 18 here to buy it, and I´ll be 37 next month! Yipee! I thanked the nice lady and told her how she had just made my day. =)

  Every now and then I hear people say how I look younger than my age, including a top photographer (in which case I lost a photo shoot because of looking so young =(, and the head of my modeling agency). My age is not yet an issue to me. 36 is totally young these days. After all, fifty is the new thirty now!

  Still taking care of oneself helps to keep the good looks, and makes you feel great. One of the secrets to a lively and healthy (a.k.a. youthful) appearance is raw leafy greens. The darker the better. I prefer fresh greens over dried superfood ones. Now kale is in season, so it is time to enjoy it.
  After getting a high-speed blender (Vitamix) for Christmas last year, I have been able to enjoy super smooth green juices. They say that when food is broken down to such tiny particles, your body can use it up better. So I figure blending raw leafy greens I get the most out of them. I prefer blending over juicing because then the juice still includes all the fiber too.

A fountain of youth, raw green juice with pulp.
    The recipe (for one):

5 leaves dinosaur kale (or any available raw leafy greens as much as your taste buds can tolerate)
4 sprigs of mint (or any fresh herb desired to taste)
20 drops of Echinacea (I use merely for taste, but possible health benefits are only a big bonus. My aunt has used it for decades, and swears on it´s cold-preventing properties.)

+ Blend the kale and mint in a high-speed blender with 1 1/2 cups water until all smooth. Add water enough to reach 2 cups. Pour into a glass and add the Echinacea drops. Stir and drink with your lunch for extra boost.
  Shine, radiate, and get ready for compliments!